Two Little Fish
Our latest Album is ready to play!

A slightly more serious album? Yep. We're getting serious about our octave violin (ginger) and our two custom built stomp boxes! Something for everyone and every mood you get into, from folking rock, to folky pop, from broodingly poetic folk, to speedy foot stomping tunes....and a few serious historical ballads for a well rounded listening experience. Get yours now from iTunes, CD Baby, or a fiddle chick near you! :)

The Fiddle Chicks: Two Little Fish

Adventures of the HMS Brucie
EP 2011 Adelaide Fringe

This is a fun seafaring album we put together to go with our Fringe show of the same name. It has been so popular that we have kept it, but in digital form only.

The Fiddle Chicks: Adventures Of The Hms Brucie

Dont Worry About Brucie
Full length CD 2009

It has been said that this album has a track for every mood! And as always a little bit of Bob Dylan never goes astray....


The Fiddle Chicks: Don

Don't Worry About Brucie - The Fiddle Chicks

Red Dress

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