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Goodbye 2011, hello 2012!

Well Hi there bloggers of the world.. that includes readers of blogs I think... as we rocket towards Christmas I always get the overwhelming feeling that the year is winding up and the new one is beginning! It's been a big year for us, with some exciting changes and new opportunities, hope yours has been rewarding too. Next year brings not one but.....

Busy Days

In this episode, the Fiddle Chicks make a new album, survive the spring festivals and meet a pug.


Wow...our own website.... Hello! Dee the Technology Whisperer has done it again..she's one of the most patient women I know. It takes her ages to get to the point of swearing at inanimate objects, throwing stationery or making nuisance phone calls to helplines- she's quite amazing. So here we are:- our new website:) We hope you enjoy it. Well, I can only speak for myself but I'm sure Dee agrees with me. Well, I'm sitting here in my teaching room waiting for that elusive student who never seems to remember her lesson, and I'm thinking about what a crazy year it's been:- amazing new changes, new directions and some great experiences. Dee and I have a whole new sound and we're receiving some great reviews. Plus we're enjoying ourselves, which is always helpful! Dee keeps writing crackers of songs as if it were easy ("oh I just got up at 4am and scribbled these lyrics in vegemite" etc and the song is brilliant) and although I haven't had many crises lately to write tunes about I still manage to pull out a few. So! Coming up we're playing some more local shows at exciting venues..the Gilbert St hotel, which boasts the Mona Lisa in the front bar (bigger than the original, too! Bargain!) and Suzie Wongs Room, which is like being in a Kate Bush Adam Ant video clip. And, of course, The Grace Emily, which has its own spaceship and amazing collection of bullfighter paintings. So thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the next adventure of the non-adventurous fiddle players whose students sometimes don't show up for lessons.... Cheers, Emma

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